Agent $avebucks or How I Learned to Save Money While Getting to Know My Theater

The summer season is here, which means lots of students are out for summer vacation. As the temperature heats up, many will consider flocking to the movies in an effort to escape the heat. In these economically uncertain times however, the high prices associated with going to the movies may deter some from going to the theater. So here are some tips and promotions that will help you enjoy a trip to the movies with either your loved ones without spending a bunch of cash.

Before getting into the promotions, you must know your theater.

In Batman Begins, Henri Ducard teaches Bruce Wayne a very important lesson which is namely, “Always Mind Your Surroundings.” Likewise, the key to saving money at the movies is to know the theater you’ll be going to. Permit me to illustrate through a recent experience. I had plans during the day when a movie on my top 10 bucket list was released & I was determined to squeeze it in by any means necessary. After finding out the earliest show at the multiplex near me would be a time conflict, I decided to go to a different theater. I should bring up that the multiplex near me has the matinee prices before the 6:00 showings. When I got there, I was surprised to learn that matinees only apply for the first showing of the day. Don’t get me wrong; I still saw the show! It just caught me off-guard.

Even though all theaters show movies, not all theaters are created equal. If I had “been more aware of my surroundings”, the obvious result is that I would have saved a couple of bucks. If you want to save money, you must “be aware of your surroundings” or as I said, know your theater. Knowing your theater includes knowing about the special promotions being held at the theater (some of which will be covered below) as well as when the matinee (lower price for an earlier show) tickets are being offered. And knowing is half the battle!

Having said that, here are some of the discounts you can look forward to at your nearby movie theater:

  • Discounted Tickets:These discounts will give you better ticket prices than any matinee. National Amusements/Showcase Theaters are offering Bargain Tuesdays where general admission is only $7 & All 3D or IMAX tickets are just $9… ALL DAY! (Note: Don’t expect to get the discount on the premiere day of The Amazing Spider-Man. Sony prohibited it by contract.)If you are unavailable on to go on Tuesday, then AMC theaters are offering $7 tickets for every showing, every day before 11:55am. If you would to see the movie in 3D or in IMAX, there is a small fee to go along with the $7 fee.
  • Special Movie Promotions:
    Silver Screen Classics:Do you remember the time when $2.00 could buy you a ticket to the picture show, a popcorn, & a soda pop? Well, thanks to the folks at National Amusements/Showcase Cinemas, that day could be selected Mondays at 1pm!To find out the complete movie list and schedules, visit

    Summer Movie Express: Every Tuesday & Wednesday morning at 10:00, the people at Regal Theaters are showing certain G & PG rated movies for only a $1! Some of the profits will go to the Will Rogers Institute.

    For a specific movie list for participating theaters near you, make a stop at

  • Bring Your Baby Matinees: On the first Tuesday of the month, AMC is offering matinees for a specific movie in an atmosphere conducive to babies. (Lower volume, brighter lights, and more!) On July 3rd, this will be available for Rock of Ages & on August 7th, the same promotion will be available for The Amazing Spider-Man!For more details, check out

Of course, these are just some of the discounts that some of the movie theaters are offering. For more information on other specials that these theaters are promoting, check out the links at the end of the post. If you have any ideas on how to save money at the movies for the summer or if I missed a theater chain, feel free to comment and let us all know! Keep coming back to Le Cinema Mercurial for all things in movies and entertainment! See you at the movies!

National Amusements/Showcase Theater Promotions –

AMC Theater Promotions –

Regal Entertainment Promotions –

*AMC Theaters logo is a registered trademark of AMC Theaters.

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