10 Things That Went Horribly Wrong in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy

With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man upon us, we move on from the previous trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. There were some great moments and some cringeworthy moments. This post goes over the latter. (If you want to see the best moments, click here.) So grab a webline & hang on as special guest star PhatStarr and I take you to relive those Spidey moments you love to hate (or just hate)! [If you haven’t seen any of the Spider-Man movies, then you may want to see them as these contain spoilers.]

10. Spider-Man 3’s Ending

We begin this blundering countdown where the trilogy ends. Well, kind of…

“I understand the concept of leaving the audience waiting for more but this is ridiculous. A little closure would helped to show that you at least made an effort toward telling a complete story. The ending was as if the writers just said, ‘Screw it, this sucks; There’s no saving this story. Pizza anyone?’”  –AlMoSiCe210

9. Spidey, Why So Serious

With New York City constantly on the brink of destruction, there’s no time to for joking. This far-cry from a comic book characteristic places it on the number 9 spot on the countdown.

“One of the things that makes the Spider-Man character so great is the fact he’s always cracking jokes. Whether he’s in the middle of a fight or he ended up on the losing end on one, he’s always cracking jokes. I felt this was missing throughout the Spider-Man trilogy… [& felt] like this hurt the trilogy.” -PhatStarr

8. Spidey, Sans Web Shooters

The fact that Peter spins a tangled organic web lands on the number 8 spot.

“I eventually got used to the webbing in the wrist concept but when I first saw it, I was disappointed.” –AlMoSiCe210

“Boy did I hate this. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky. Maybe I’m a fanboy, but I HATED the fact Peter Parker didn’t have web-blasters. I guess it was fine when he was shooting webs in costume, but when the web comes out of his bare wrists I just thought it looked so hokey.” -PhatStarr

7. (Lack of) Chemistry between Tobey and Kirsten

The pairing of Tobey & Kirsten (Today, the pairing would be called Tobesten) makes the list in the #7 spot.

“Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker was up and down throughout the whole trilogy, but whenever he was on screen with Kirsten Dunst it was just no good. Their whole love story was just poorly written and forced. They never made me want to see them get together.” – PhatStarr

6. Sandman is Uncle Ben’s Killer?

In Spider-Man 3’s half-witted attempt at justifying it’s story, this unforeseen revelatory story line appears in the number #6 spot.

“Here’s where Spider-Man 3 really started to go south fast for me. Sandman, one of the Spider-Man’s notorious villains is revealed to be a petty thug who accidentally shot Uncle Ben shortly after the robbery in Spider-Man. Yes, there are creative freedoms when adapting a film but this scene just threw me for a curve ball (not in a good way.) Apparently they forgot comic book movie rule number 1: Treat the source material with respect and your audience will respect you. At least we saw Tobey get mad!” –AlMoSiCe210

5. Bernerd Comes Clean

In continuing from the previous plot hole, a common sense look at some ill-timed important news will show why this scene deserves to round out the top #5 of blunders in the Spidey trilogy.

“Let me get this straight; You know that your client, Harry Osborn is hell bent on avenging his father (Norman Osborn)’s death “at the hand of Spider-Man”, who YOU KNOW accidentally killed himself, and your plan is to wait until he obsesses over Spider-Man so much that he unleashes a well armed deranged scientist to catch him (putting the public at risk, mind you), becomes a futuristic ninja snowboarder & takes a pumpkin bomb to the face before telling him the truth? Well, I guess he just wanted to ‘protect Harry from getting hurt…’” –AlMoSiCe210

4. Spider-Man, Come and Stop Us If You Can!

AKA Venom’s guest star appearance. This lackluster final sequence & everything leading up to it scrambles its way onto the number #4 spot on the countdown.

“Spider-Man 3 was a mess. Probably more of a mess than the other 2 movies. The word is Sony forced Sam Raimi into putting Venom into Spider-Man 3. That lead to a movie that was just all over the place. I think the real problem is that Raimi didn’t plan to have Venom in any of the movies from the start. Venom should’ve been something you were building towards not something you force at the last minute.” -PhatStarr

“Instead of the final fight being an epic brawl that would’ve rivaled the Spider-Man train fight, this fight scene was summation of all the crap fed to the audience over an agonizing 2 ½ hours. This was the only scene when we saw Venom (who was missing in action for all but 10-15 minutes of the movie) in action playing a tag team partner supporting role to a watered down Sandman (see soon) as they beat up the amazingly mediocre Spider-Man. But all is not lost, as the now enlightened Harry Osborn, looking like the poor man’s Mel Gibson in Man Without a Face comes to save the day on his flying snowboard! Don’t let the flashy action fool ya; this scene’s a showcase in failed potential for all of these characters.” –AlMoSiCe210

3. Kirsten Dunst as MJ

The casting choice of Kirsten Dunst bothered many and we’ll see why she deserves the #3 spot on this list of what went wrong.

“They got an average looking woman to play the hot red headed bombshell Mary Jane Watson, who is supposed to be one of the hottest women in the Marvel universe. The fact that Dunst peaked as an actress at the age of 12 didn’t help matters either. She dragged down any scene she was in with her poorly delivered dialogue and wooden facials.” -PhatStarr

2. Green Goblin’s Outfit

The Green Goblin’s movie outfit makes an unusual fashion statement as it styles and profiles its way to the #2 spot.

“The Goblin suit looked they took a Big Bad Beetleborgs helmet with a VR Troopers bodysuit & hoped no one would notice.” –AlMoSiCe210

“Some people think that’s nitpicky, but the Green Goblin’s outfit is just ridiculous to me. The shiny armor like suit resembled something closer to a Power Ranger (from the first film) than anything I’ve seen in the comics. Little things like that are enough to take me out of a film.” -PhatStarr

Only thing missing is a word bubble that says, “It’s Morphin’ Time” with a Power Morpher in hand.

1. Peter Parker Dancing

Peter Parker’s impromptu dance number struts its way to the #1 spot… for ALL the wrong reasons.

“This doesn’t need much explanation does it? This was universally hated. It was completely ridiculous.” – PhatStarr

“It was bad enough having Peter have Ursula (the European neighbor girl) get him cookies, but THIS… IS… THE… UNPARDONABLE SIN. Adding shots of Peter Parker dancing, shooting spirit pistols at women had no logical rhyme or reason to it. If they had simply shown shots of Peter asserting himself, this movie would have been able to save some amount of face but this was the most pathetic display in a Spider-Man movie to date.” –AlMoSiCe210

So there you have it, the 10 worst aspects in the Spider-Man trilogy. If you want to see the best moments, click here! How did you feel about this list? Post a comment and let us know! And find out if The Amazing Spider-Man learns from these mistakes when it swings into theaters on Tuesday July 3, 2012!

A little bit about PhatStarr: “One of my least favorite trilogies in the history of film has to be the Spider-Man trilogy. I came into the first one with high hopes that were quickly crushed by a sappy love story and poor casting. In anticipation of the new Spider-Man movie, whose trailers I’ve enjoyed a lot more than the original trilogy, I present… things I hated about the Spider-Man trilogy.”

Fade to black…


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