The “Road to Gotham” Leads to a Pair of The Dark Knight Rises Tickets [A Cinema Mercurial Exclusive!]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am tonight’s entertainment! [Well for this post anyway…]

Starting today, Le Cinema Mercurial will be part of a social experiment. This will be entitled “Road to Gotham”. Through the magic of the internet and the kind folks at AMC Theaters, I’m holding a pair of tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises on Friday night (at the 8:15PM showing to be exact) at the AMC Loews 34thStreet 14 Movie Theater in New York City hostage. Anyone who thinks I’m blowing smoke may want to take a look over at the picture pretty close to this post.

At midnight (on July 18th), I tear these tickets up. If, however, you enter your information on this entry form & your name is drawn, I’ll let that person have the tickets, no questions asked. So what’s it going to be; a free pair of tickets to the most anticipated movie of the season in the greatest in the world or a bunch of tickets shards on the floor whispering “It could’ve been you…”? You choose… oh, and you may want to check out the ins & outs of how to enter so that your entry could be quite noble. Stick with me, I’ll show ya; I’m a man of my word…

The winner will be announced during our Dark Knight Week! Stay tuned…

Fade to black…


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