Reaction to A Retrospective of The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight Rises, the concluding chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, invades theaters this Friday. After the success of the previous two films (particularly The Dark Knight), Rises is easily one of the summer’s most anticipated films. Nolan has done a masterful job of reinventing Batman by removing him from the predictability of a campy, slapstick comic book world & placing him in a multi-layered story to the backdrop of a gritty realistic world.

I recently came across a post entitled ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy: A Retrospective”, written by my friend and colleague, SidizenKane. I learned a lot from reading that post as well as affirming a few impressions I got from watching the Batman movies. It’s an extensive but very informative read where not a minute is wasted. After briefly reviewing synopses of the previous two films, he then analyzes aspects such as how these villains in Nolan’s universe compare to comic book iterations of the characters, how the villain is a foil to Batman as well as some insights on Catwoman and Bane. (The real Bane, not the mindless crony on steroids from the ABYSMAL Batman & Robin)

Reading this retrospective made me love this series on a deeper level as well as made me even more excited for the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises. I would have loved to quote from this post, but quoting it & taking a said quote out of context will not do the post justice; as it’s told in such a way that flows naturally from one aspect to another. In addition to being a great preparation for the release of The Dark Knight Rises, this retrospective is an insightful look on themes & character foils established in this highly regarded saga. The Dark Knight Trilogy: A Retrospective is certainly a must read for Batman fans and/or film enthusiasts. If you have a moment, check it out now.

(You can follow Sidizen Kane’s blog, Thoughts on Celluloid, on tumblr!)


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