360 Is A Right Triangle Away From A Complete Spin

MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 110 mins
Common Sense Rating: Not Rated

“A wise man once said, ‘If there’s a fork in the road, take it.'”
(Lucia Siposova)

360 is a small independent movie that was made a year ago but got released when distributed through Magnolia Pictures. It is loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler’s classic play, La Ronde and it’s a group collaboration of the director Fernando Morellis and screenwriter Peter Morgan. Instead of exploring people’s ideas about class ideology & sex, the duo adapts it to the concept to see how the lives of a select group of people somehow intertwine into one with another. Will this movie be able to flawlessly live up to its title?

360 is a tale of the old karma thing what goes around comes around type of thing. The movie begins with a woman named Mirka (Lucia Siposova) who thinks her big break comes by posing for pictures on a “website”. What she doesn’t know is that her actions have far reaching consequences that will affect the lives of many including her sister (Gabriela Marcinkova), a married couple (Jude Law & Rachel Weisz), an elderly grandfather (Sir Anthony Hopkins), & a reforming sex offender (Ben Foster). Throughout the movie, their lives intersect in interesting ways.

360 had a wide variety of talent from different countries, all of which play their roles pretty well. The story arc surrounding Sir Anthony Hopkins, Maria Flor, and Ben Foster featured the best performances in the movie. Foster gives a very powerful performance as a convicted sex offender in a very tempting situation. His very intense performance is only complemented by Flor’s character. Flor and Foster have great chemistry together, as they build off of one another throughout the exchange. As they both characters really show their true colors, it’s very tense & feels very organic. And how could you go wrong with a performance by Sir Anthony Hopkins? This movie was also beautifully shot, really accentuating the beauty of the locations worldwide. It also had a couple very effective camera tricks that added to the story and was well edited.

However, the story’s scale is so grand, sometimes the story overwhelms itself. Armed with talented cast, there are times when the balance was off, leading some characters to have way more screen time, leaving others to simply fall through the cracks & just be pushed in the background. This ends up leaving plot holes & tragically some character conclusions are left on undeveloped or even killed abruptly. The main brilliance in this film is how the characters lives intertwine with one another. When time given to reveal the connections, it’s really entertaining as well as brilliant. When it isn’t, it comes across as lazy and rushed. There was simply not enough time to see how everything worked. There is a bit of sexual content & nudity as well as some language so you definitely want to exercise caution before watching this if you’re concerned about that.

Boasting great cinematography and a host of different settings, 360 is an interesting movie about how people’s actions affect others at large. However, due to plot holes & missed opportunities, 360 is more like 180.  Despite the need for part of the story to be further developed, it features great performances by talented actors to well set backdrops that can amaze you. While I admit that 360 is not the greatest movie in the world, but it’s basic concept regarding people’s connections still make it an interesting film to check out. B-

Fade to black…


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