Denzel Guides Movie Through Turbulence For Decent Flight

MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 138 mins
Common Sense Rating: 16+

“Nobody could have landed that playing the way that I did… Nobody.”
– Whip Waltman
(Denzel Washington)

What happens when you combine Denzel Washington (an actor known for his roles in movies like Training Day, Remember the Titans, & American Gangster) with Robert Zemeckis (director of such movies like Forrest Gump and Cast Away) at the helm directing? You get the brand new emotional drama, Flight.

After an enjoyable night, Whip Waltman (Denzel Washington), a skilled pilot goes back to work as usual. But of course nothing is ever that simple in the movies. used girl the usually don’t the plane he flies gets in a precarious situation which leaves Whitman to make decisions that may save were in danger the lives of the passengers on board.

The aftermath of the flight leaves the public to believe that determine is a hero however the offense leading up to the end of the flight eventually surface and Captain Whitman must find a way to veer himself away from the pressures.

I had mixed feelings about this ‘not everything is what it seems’ story. While the issue of bringing religion into the consequence appealed me, the handling of it in a couple of parts felt contrived & clichéd. The plot also lands in a hazy spot after the main event, as if it was trying to figure out what’s going on. However, it eventually picks up again & we all get to see every one bring their A+ game to the film.

Fitting that Denzel plays a pilot as he leads this all star cast through a heavy story.

This may come as no surprise that Denzel Washington delivers a stellar performance. As he plays the complex character with a wide range of emotions, he makes Whip a flawed yet sympathetic figure. Although Washington is the main headliner, he also had a strong supporting cast in the likes of Kelly Reilly, Bruce Greenwood, Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo, and the very humorous John Goodman, who delivers some much needed comic relief.

While the performances are very well done, this is a very intense movie, in regards to subject matter. The much of the movie is related in alcohol consumption & drug use. Other objectionable content includes spicy language & scenes containing nudity, both brief & extended.

Flight is a movie that seems to be a metaphor for itself. As the course of the flight (plot) can’t make the whole trip by itself, it’s up to the pilot (Denzel Washington) & the flight crew (cast) to save this plane (movie) from utter disaster. If you want to see a movie with a great ensemble cast, then book your tickets & take flight. B

Fade to black…


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