Seven Psychopaths: Twisted But Far From A Shih Tzu Show

MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 110 mins
Common Sense Rating: 17+

“How’s the last blind guy going to take out the eye of the last guy left whose still got one eye left?”
– Billy
(Sam Rockwell)

Seven Psychopaths follows Mason, a screenwriter struggling to write his next movie with the help of his very bizarre friend he decides to write about the news of a killer about in a sense question right his next movie he meets up what’s a man who makes is living off of ‘taking care’ for their owners. (Hint: he’s not a veterinarian; nor a dog sitter) This eventually leads to a set of circumstances involving a man with a rabbit, an unfinished script, and the man desperately searching to kill the trio, with a Shih Tzu at the center of it all.

Seven Psychopaths has a plot that is brilliant. There are shades of movies like 8 ½ & The Player but it combines the best of both movies and makes it its own with its sarcastic tone. The constant random nature of the movie makes this movie hilarious. While the humor can be very dark and even offensive at times, it is one of the best instances that use the fourth wall humor I’ve ever seen. But the plot isn’t all humor. As it follows the trio, the story gives room to become philosophical in an unpretentious way. Overall, the story has loads of humor, hints of philosophical insights, & an ending you won’t quite see unfolding as you would think.

All about this lil’ guy. Bonny’s the shih tzu.

The performances featured in the movie were on-point. Colin Farrell (in my eyes) has redeemed himself from the nightmare that was Total Recall in this role as he plays against type which was quite enjoyable. Although Farrell has the lead role, Sam Rockwell’s performance shines brightest in this movie. He carries certain situations and ignites a fire in other characters. And how could you go wrong with Christopher Walken? He brings a sense of gravitas to the trio while still maintaining his own sense of humor.

You have to have a pretty strong stomach to watch this movie. It is very violent which has some disturbing images including some blood & gore & several sequences of people burning. It also has very spicy language and a gratuitous nude scene. Be advised.

Seven Psychopaths is an unconventional movie filled with characters on a mostly socially blank putting in certain situations overflowing with dark sarcastic humor. It even has a series of events that made me get to go “What?” And yet it is because of the delivery of this group of character actors made me enjoy the overall experience. B

Fade to black…


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