Good Evening… The Hitchcock Review

Hitchcock PosterHITCHCOCK
MPAA Rating: PG
Run Time: 98 mins
Common Sense Rating: 13+

“Don’t upset yourself, darling; it’s only a bloody movie.”
Alma Reville
(Helen Mirren)

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most recognized directors of in the history of film. His films like Vertigo & North by Northwest have had such an influence on film as well as pop culture. His most recognized film, Psycho, has done just that as it has influenced a film genre as it has scared audiences for generations. The film, Hitchcock goes over the process that the fight the director underwent to get Psycho made.

Hitchcock takes place right after the release of North by Northwest. During this time, many are wondering what Hitchcock’s next film will be. When he comes upon the novel “Psycho”, he is determined to make that his next movie. All the while, he was faced with doubt and criticisms that implored him not to make the movie. This movie shows just how he did it in spite of all of that.

Sir Anthony Hopkins truly revels in playing the prolific director.

Sir Anthony Hopkins truly revels in playing the prolific director.

Sir Anthony Hopkins does a masterful job acting as the titular director as he deals with all the pressures at that the time. Dame Helen Mirren does a stellar job of playing Alma Reville Hitchcock’s wife. The 2 actors have a wonderful chemistry as they play the couple with charm and gravity. Scarlett Johannsen, Jessica Biel, and Danny Huston also round out this well casted movie.

The unfolding of events was involving as Hitchcock left me entertained, informed, but most of all interested throughout the whole movie. The movie is that is highlighted all of Hitchcock struggles, from his affinity for his Hitchcock blondes to his battling with studio executives all throughout making this movie.

In addition, the movie is full of gags & clever nuances that Alfred Hitchcock is known for. While I admit some of it is tongue in cheek, it’s delivered in the way that is very enjoyable. If you want to see an example, make sure you stay after the credits. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Hitchcock does a better job of showing the director’s life behind the scenes in a more effective manner than in the HBO movie The Girl. Rather than just delivering a historical account, it melds humor & the elements of studio movie making while telling a story that many can relate to in this love letter to Alfred Hitchcock. A-

Fade to black…


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