Most Anticipated Movies in 2013

As the 2013 movie lineup starts to heat up, I thought that I would share my list of movies that I’m most looking forward to throughout the year. (You might find a couple to add to the list if you haven’t so already.)

gatsby10. The Great Gatsby –

The movie seems very stylish & I’m interested to see Tobey Maguire as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, who will undoubtedly give a commanding performance as Jay Gatsby. Releases on May 10th.

The Wolverine

9. The Wolverine –
This movie promises to make up for a lackluster Origins tale, as it places the mutton-chopped mutant to Japan and… just check out the trailer. In theaters July 26th.

8. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug –

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey left me wondering how Peter Jackson will translate the beloved story to the big screen. Probably won’t see it in any special viewing medium (3D, HFR, etc). In theaters December 13th.
The Hobbit DesOSmaug

epic7. Epic –

I first saw 3D footage of Epic when I saw/reviewed Ice Age: Continental Drift last summer. I remember being blown away by the way the 3D medium actually fit the story. This is the first movie that completely immersed me in the movie’s setting since Avatar. Out of all of the unnecessary 3D conversions and premature “The next Avatar” comparisons, Epic seems to be the best contender to consistently utilize the medium. In theaters May 24th.

NowYouSeeMe6. Now You See Me –

Interesting premise. Talented cast. Couldn’t stop watching the trailer. Can’t wait to see it. In theaters May 31st.


5. Thor: The Dark World –
Seeing as I really enjoyed Thor, it stands to reason that I would be excited to see Thor’s “Phase 2” adventure. In theaters November 8th.


424. 42 –
Historical drama that captures what Jackie Robinson endured in being the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. In theaters now.

Star Trek Into Darkness3. Star Trek Into Darkness –

I really enjoyed the first Star Trek and caught a peak of this movie when I saw The Hobbit: AN Unexpected Journey, & loved it. I’m all in on this movie. In theaters May 17th.

Iron Man 32. Iron Man 3 –

After riding off of the high of The Avengers as well as addicting trailers, Iron Man 3 looks to be a vast improvement over a slightly disappointing Iron Man 2. In theaters May 3rd.

ManOfSteel1. Man of Steel –

I was first skeptical about this movie. I prefer Marvel superheroes. When I saw Superman Returns in theaters, I didn’t particularly care for it (still don’t). However, once this trailer as well as early reviews that calling Man of Steel “a Nolan story with Snyder graphics”, it flew to the top of my list. In theaters June 14th.

What movies are you most looking forward to this year? Did I happen to miss it? Let me know in the comment section. You might see it reviewed on Le Cinéma Mercurial! Happy movie going!

(NOTE: Most posts will likely be abbreviated from posts in the past.)

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2 responses to “Most Anticipated Movies in 2013

  1. I am looking forward to The Great Gatsby myself, I just hope that all the style, breath-taking visuals and sound will not render the plot and emotional connections between the characters worthless for viewing and appreciating, as it clearly is the case with last year’s ‘Anna Karenina’. I am also disappointed to see the car hitting one of the characters in the movie, as it somehow gives out the whole essence of the plot.

    • I feel the exact same way. Regardless, I know DiCaprio will give a great perfomance and the cast as a whole will do good.

      Thanks for the comment!

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