About The Manager

Pilot PicI’ve heard that everyone has a story. Here’s my attempt at telling mine.

My name is Almam (pronounced All-mom or All-mum) Akempta-Kargbo but I also go by Moses (long story). I am a currently a student in the Media Communication Arts program at Pace University. My experiences at Pace have allowed me to implement the fundamentals I learned regarding story structure & cinematic aesthetics into my own student films and the school’s documentary course, where we created a documentary.
(You can find this along with the projects I’ve been apart of in the screening room section of the site.)

In addition to the documentary class, I recently worked on the second season of a webseries called Math Warriors as assistant camera. It was a great experience learning with a great cast and crew. You can find the first season of Math Warriors on youTube.

I hope to become a director someday. I have few ideas that I’m working on. Since I love movies and entertainment, I wanted to create a blog site where the premise would be like a small movie house. And thanks to the kind folks at WordPress, Le Cinéma Mercurial was born!

When I’m not focused on movies or film, I’m just a regular guy who can be found either hanging out with friends, watching sports, or unwinds by exercising. Hope you that you enjoy Le Cinéma Mercurial!

Feel free to follow me (@AlMoSiCe210) on twitter!

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